Updated 2024 Nexus Expedition Route

We finished in December 2022 cycling through the African continent, all the way down to its most southern point in Cape Agulhas, South Africa.
However, for the ocean row, I have decided to backtrack and will start the row in April in Lüderitz, Namibia and aim to Brazil.

In order to connect the dots on my route, I cycled 375 kms a few weeks ago from Keetmanshoop to Lüderitz, Namibia.

1st antipode: N 47° 49′ 8.7278″ E 112° 31′ 46.2158″
Location: On the trail between Choibalsan and Bayan Ovoo, Mongolia, which I crossed in October 2014.

2d antipode: S 47° 49′ 8.7278″ W 67° 28′ 13.7842″
Location: North of Tres Cerros, Argentina, which we plan to reach in the next few years.