Nexus Expedition on its way to Saudi Arabia.

After having waited 1.5 years, working with 6 Saudi consuls in 3 countries, Dimitri finally obtained in December a transit visa for Saudi Arabia.

Indeed Dimitri has now received a 40 days transit visa allowing him to cycle the 2000 kms across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards Aqaba, Jordan.

He is very thankful to now have the privilege to be allowed to cycle across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and want to thank the authorities for entrusting him with this permission.

Dimitri plans to start cycling again today January 26th 2017 and first complete  the remaining 140 kms in United Arab Emirates

Gulnara was not allowed to receive a visa to join Dimitri and cycle across Saudi Arabia because as of now, women are only allowed to cycle in city parks and in the desert but apparently not on open roads.

Therefore, Gulnara  is waiting for him to reach the Kingdom of Jordan so that they can be reunited and continue together towards Egypt and further to the southwestern coast of Africa, where the row across the Atlantic Ocean will begin.

Over the last few weeks, Dimitri and Gulnara took the opportunity that they were on the Arabian peninsula to connect with a very wide spectrum of  old and new friends in the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Bahrain and Qatar, which Dimitri was able to visit after Gulnara departed.

Hopefully soon, when Dimitri will finally start to write long posts again… he will share here what he has learned  and experienced during this enriching period.

Above all, Dimitri now wants to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the kindness, support and hospitality that they have demonstrated towards him and Gulnara, during their stay in the region.